About us
Who are we? A little more info about 'the nuts people behind #Uptime'.
So, who are you?
Well we are 'soc' and 'dinow'

 /whois soczol
   soczol is soc@home.soclatez.com * .

 /whois dinow
   dinow is dinow@dinow.nl * \o\ \o/ /o/

Who created your site/bots?
We did! All scripts, bots and of course the site are all © by us.

Wow, how did you learn all those things?
By reading the fine manuals (rtfm!)

Hey, can I have your scripts?
No, sorry, we put a lot of time and effort in our site and scripts and we are not going to give any of those away.

Hmm, may I help with #Uptime then?
Well we don't think we need more help at the moment, but who knows.
If you think you have a great idea for the channel or site that you really need to share with us, feel free to let us know.

Think you are cool huh?
No not really, we just like the game ;x
I really need to contact you, how can i reach you?
Well, you can of course reach us on IRC probably using the nicks mentioned above.
If you can't find us or want to contact us in another way, click here to mail us.

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